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Xantrex Inverter & GT-View 1.6
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Author:  nwmechanical [ Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:50 pm GMT EthGMT ]
Post subject:  Xantrex Inverter & GT-View 1.6

We recently replaced our Xantrex Inverter GT3.3 with a Xantrex Inverter of the same model, due to the fact that our previous inverter was faulty.

GT-View was working fine before we swapped out inverters, but now the "Inverter Model & Firmware" screen in GT-View is blank and GT-View is not updating (can be viewed at our website).

I assume this problem is because the GT-Viewer is not recognizing our new inverter -- however, I don't know how to update the viewer so it recognizes the new inverter. Can anyone help?

Author:  Solar Guppy [ Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:25 pm GMT EthGMT ]
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I'm not aware of any reason it shouldn't work software wise ... one possibility is that the units mode switch is depressed, its behind the front panel that the LEDs can be seen thru and connects to the LCD display board, but I don;t think the inverter would operate in this mode.

I would also check that the RS232 cable didn't get damaged or that when the inverter failed it damaged the RS232 port of the computer doing the logging

GT-View is not supported but feel free to down load

One new feature is the comm debug window in SG-View. To use it, set the correct comm port in the settings, select the debugger and press halt. you can now type in commands and see the GT's response. for example, type IDN? and you will get model and firmware revs. once done, hit resume and exit the comm debug window.

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