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Panel Advice Needed
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Author:  azsimonsez [ Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:55 am GMT EstGMT ]
Post subject:  Panel Advice Needed

About 5 years ago I was just about ready to install a 3kw system on my roof. At the time, I was considering Kyocera, Sharp, and Sanyo panels. I think now the time is right to do it, and I'm going to put in a 5kw system now. But the choices in panels has increased substantially.

What panel manufactures would you recommend or avoid? I see that quite a few are manufactured in China. What is you opinion of Chinese made panels? Would you avoid them? From the specs, they seem to be a nice bang for the buck, but my gut tells me to avoid Chinese...

As far as inverters, what about the SMA 5000?

Author:  Freddy [ Mon May 30, 2011 6:31 am GMT EthGMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Panel Advice Needed

I am very new to this and am in the process of installing my first panels. After doing as mush research as I could I stumbled upon BP. I phoned & asked "Why should I buy BP?" His answer was simple "Because we are one of two companies that have panels operating that are older than our warranty". I assume the unspoken company is Sharp? All other companies are hoping, guessing, planning that their product will stand the test of time. (?) Also, BP's warranty is better than any I have seen. Most are 90% after 10 years, BP is 93% after 12 yrs. Most are 80% at 20 yrs, BP is 85% at 25 years! That's a big difference.

I have ordered some BP panels, but plan on adding in the near future. I'd be interested in other responses also.

Author:  lotek [ Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:27 pm GMT EthGMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Panel Advice Needed

I just installed 12 SUN Solar Panels 210 Watts @ 18.50 Vmp
I checked them this morning at 7:30 and they were charging, only at 135 watts, but the sun wasnt even on them yet. By 10 my batteries were fully charged and charger on float, by 1:00 each of my 4 panel strings were producing 89V at the combiner,Thats about 19.1 each and the temp was already at 95. 25 yr warrenty and now UL labled
If I had known they produced so well in the heat I might have done 3 penel strings

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Author:  klacc [ Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:24 pm GMT EthGMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Panel Advice Needed

Thanks for the information. There are a lot of factors to consider when buying solar panels. One of the most important is how long they will last.

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