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The ole who are the better panel makers seach
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Author:  1dad1 [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:43 am GMT EstGMT ]
Post subject:  The ole who are the better panel makers seach

I was doing some searching to find what companies make the better panels, I found this... ... llion.html

Actually several other companies are going under, which means your warranty just went out the window.
Looks like the Chinese are flooding the market with cheap panels. However my experience with anything Chinese made is not so good.

Well, I am still looking around. I have found that some companies like Conergy which is German is selling Chinese made panels as their own. I would guess the big names maybe OK, Sharp, Sanyo, BP etc.

Here are a couple more link for late night reading... ... _companies ... urers.html

Well another edit.. looks like a lot of companies have their plants in China not to be confused with Chinese companies making their own PV panels. looks like Chinese companies are the major players now in the market.
So then I guess I should ask those that are using Chinese made panels how are they holding up? Any warranty issues?

Thanks Alan

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